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My Account

A. You get a 14 day no obligation free trial. No credit card required. This will get you familiar with QuickBlog, set up your blog’s appearance and features - and time to write your first few posts.
A. Yes. Your blog can be published online during your free trial. However, if you don’t subscribe after the free period your blog will no longer be viewed online.
A. During our launch period we have one basic pricing plan with two options. Pay monthly at $12, month to month or discounted to $8 per month, paid yearly.
A. No. During our launch period all Premium features are included in the basic price.
A. Yes. Go to 'My Account' -> Billing > Cancel. You will be billed only to the end of the monthly cycle in which you've cancelled.
A. Yes. Go to 'My Account' -> Billing -> Update Credit Card.


A. Yes. We use the TLS Certificate (aka https) security to protect your personal details. TLS (Transport Layer Security) activate a padlock, creating secure connections from a server to a browser.

My Blog

A. Yes. You have unlimited access to advertising and affiliate networks and ecommerce sites, located in Apps.
A. Yes. We don’t offer free blogs for this very reason. If it’s free you have few rights over ownership. You would be creating content for the platform. You become the product (whether that’s selling ads or your data). When you are a paying customer you are the owner. Your blog is your asset. You own all the content you create on your site - and therefore you own your blog. This is your legal entitlement under copyright and consumer law.
A. Yes. we strongly recommend you get your own custom domain name, especially if you plan to become a professional blogger. This will help brand your blog, ensure your blog is an asset wholly owned by you and importantly tells the world you are serious about your blog. You can purchase your domain in the Domains Store in your Production Room.
A. A subdomain name is part of the host domain name. If you have a subdomain with QuickBlog your blogsite domain will look like myblog.quickblog.com. You do not own your subdomain, which is part of quickblog.com borrowed to you to start your blog. If you’re serious about branding your blog, establishing your reputation as a blogger and creating an asset you will want to own your own domain.
A. Yes. If you want to add a partner or guest blogger to your account you can add a name, bio and profile picture. Go to > Editor > Authors > Manage > Add Author
A. Yes. Your blog can be published online during your free trial. However, if you don’t subscribe after the free period your blog will no longer be viewed online.