About QuickBlog

QuickBlog's simple design tools help bloggers set up their blog quickly and easily. Templates, layouts, posts, pages, blocks and addons can be changed, added, removed, updated and customized at anytime with just a click - without losing content.  

Most blogging newbies aren't technical, nor do they aspire to be. Bloggers start out wanting to create content, but soon find they need to learn new technical terms and tricks before they get their blog out of the blocks. Starting and customizing a blog can often be overwhelming for anyone not familiar with code.

QuickBlog was conceived and founded by Paul Zanetti, an Australian cartoonist, blogger and founder of Australian syndication service Australian Newspaper Features (ANF). QuickBlog started as an idea to create an easy, simple, visual blogging system for creators who aren't technically wired.

Create and Own Your Blog

When you subscribe to QuickBlog you immediately own your blog. 

The template or theme you have designed and all the content you create is yours. We claim no ownership or rights over your blog. We do not enforce conditions on you or your blog. This is why we do not offer free blogs. Free services remove rights, where the platform can close your account without notice, and/or sell your data. This doesn't happen at QuickBlog. When you pay for a product you are the consumer and owner. When it's free, you are the product. We keep your subscription pricing low so that you can create and own an affordable blog while enjoying owner benefits.

QuickBlog is software as a service (SaaS) providing you with a comprehensive set of design, editing and publishing tools with built in hosting. 

We offer, and partner with, quality specialist third party apps to broaden the features and functionality of your blog. These include leading email marketing providers (aka autoresponders), form builders, SEO and analytics services, image and video software, podcasting, eCommerce, advertising and more.

A Little Blogging Background

Blogs started out in the early days of the web as a simple means to create an online journal or web log.

Two words were soon shortened to one - weblog. Some people thought weblog stood for we blog, which was again simplified to just one catchy word - and thus the term blog was born to coin a new means for communicating with the world.

Bloggers used rudimentary versions of content software to keep a record of their thoughts, musings or study notes, attracting and growing followers almost by accident.

Blogging has boomed over the past decade despite the explosion of other outlets like social media channels.

So what's caused the surge in blogs? People blog for all sorts of reasons; creative, personal and professional, but if the growth of blogs could be simplistically summarized in a word, that word would be Google.

The world's dominant search engine and number one, most visited, website prioritizes great content in its mission to “organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. 
  • Google averages a 75% share of the overall search market - and a whopping 90% of mobile search. 
  • Google handles around 40,000 search queries per second, 3.5 billion a day and 1.2 trillion searches per year. 
  • Google is embedded in every day life for anyone with a desktop, tablet or phone as it curates and delivers information to the 3.8 billion people on the internet. 
  • Google encourages and rewards the creation of valuable information - posted on blogs. 

Rich, relevant information, can dominate the search rankings, appearing on the coveted first page of Google - the most valuable online real estate.

If you want to be found on the web, you need a blog.

Google pumps rocket fuel into great content which has spawned a proliferation of blogs.

Mums, dads, professionals, freelancers, consultants, part timers, retirees, students...just about anyone wanting to be found online, or create a home-based business and reach a global audience, has turned to blogging. 

Businesses and online marketers know they don't just need a website - they need a blog. Entrepreneurs and anybody in a service or product business, or looking to work for themselves, know if they don't have a blog they're at a disadvantage, falling behind their competitors who do. Small businesses can get the advantage and dominate their market with a well targeted blog.

A mum with a popular blog has the same potential global reach as long established news publications. The Huffington Post started as a blog, and is now a global media news group with local and international editions. A kid with a computer and internet connection can start a gaming blog and, when done right, conquer Google and other search engines. 

QuickBlog has been devised to remove the daunting, confusing process of starting a blog so that anybody can create, design, manage and update their blog with a simple click, drop down or slider adjustment.

Blogging can and should be fun, creative, easy and instinctive.  

QuickBlog puts bloggers in creative control of their blog.

Paul and the QuickBlog team.